Managed PPC

Boost your search with Paid Advertising

We are Google Adwords Certified and primarily focus our PPC campaigns on Google only.

Through our Managed PPC package we can boost your search presence on Google to ensure you increase the amount of footfall on your website to get ahead of your competitors.

In the UK, 89% of all search web traffic goes through Google, so in order to target your campaign to the best possible markets we only focus on Google.


of all search traffic in the UK is through Google

An additional benefit of this, is the integration of Google Analytics running alongside your PPC campaign to allow you full transparency of your website and Adwords' statistics, to see how well both are performing on Google.

We can closely monitor your website's click-through rate (CTR) and optimise the best possible cost per click (CPC) for your targets and type of campaign run.

Show up early in search results
to accelerate website footfall





We will carry out full campaign research, creation, monitoring and updating to ensure your campaign is created and maintained at the highest quality possible ensuring the best possible results.

Control your spend
to target the shoppers you wish

With Managed PPC we can help to push your brand higher on Google searches allowing shoppers to find you more easily on all devices.

1 in 3 shoppers

1 in 3 shoppers use their mobile to locate, call and use as part of the purchase process when buying or searching for a car / dealership.

By utilising our Managed PPC platform, partnered with our responsive website design we can boost your search potential within Google for mobile and desktop shoppers alike.

Thus allowing potential shoppers to easily find your business for their next vehicle, even while they may be querying prices at another dealership on their mobile or just searching through Google on their desktop at home.

The aim of our Managed PPC package is to allow potential shoppers to find your business early to truely influence their vehicle purchase.

You control
the times when your campaign is run

Throughout your campaign you will have one primary contact who will provide you with regular updates and changes on your PPC campaign to explain how your campaign is performing and give you tips on what to change from your end.
(Based on one campaign review per month plus adhoc contact when a new campaign is created)

We aim to give you as much control as possible over your PPC campaign with our expertise and knowledge providing you guidance to the best possible results for your business.

You will be able to control you campaign in the following ways:

Control your times

Control the times your campaign is run, for example if you wish to increase your overall clicks for when you hold a sales event.

Control your spend

Full control over your daily spend, we can offer you guidance as to how many clicks to expect with your preferred budget.

Control your targets

Target your campaign to potential shoppers who may have visited your competitor's websites recently.

Control your locations

Ability to target specific locations to get the best out of your business's selling potential in certain areas.

Control your makes and models

Able to target searches involving makes and models, so you can pursue shoppers who are actively searching for BMW after you may have just a number of new BMW's in stock.

Control your services

You do not have to limit your campaign to just vehicle searches, you can target to additional services too, such as Warranty, Servicing and much more.

Up your traffic
and beat your competition

Control of options

We wish to give you plenty of options for the type of campaign you wish to run for your business.

Give us a call on 020 3384 0100 if you wish to learn more about these campaign types.

Campaign types can be, but not strictly limited to:

  • Search
  • Display
  • Remarketing
  • Gmail
  • Call to ads
  • Site extensions
  • Negative keywords


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